Break that Plateau!!!

Let’s talk plateau! Here I am going along, losing every week, down a size, feeling great and BAM!!!! Nothing, nothing for the past four days. I know this is a very familiar story and I know this because your body is designed to plateau after four to five weeks. Your metabolism rises and falls based on what it gets use to. If you do the same thing, meaning you eat the same foods in the same amounts day in and day out, week in and week out… BAMMM plateau. So how do you get off a plateau and what can you do to prevent it…. well if you are an office client and received the food list with the two time a week carbs, there is a page with plateau breakers, if you are an online client there is a section on the booklet that explains this. However, since I am in the mood to type, I’ll walk you through it. You MUST confuse your body… I don’t know about you, but it is easy to confuse my mind, but that is another story.  

Here is a sure fire way to bump your metabolism. First be sure that you are taking the nutritional supplement (green) and the calcium pyruvate (white) because these are going to be very important in this process. This is a three day boost.  

Day 1: Double your usual caloric intake. If you eat 1000 calories a day, then on this first day eat 2000 calories. This is the perfect day to treat yourself to something you feel like you have been missing. For me, and this is going to be today… I had blueberry pancake for breakfast, notice I said pancake and not pancakes. I am having a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch with tomato soup (a childhood favorite) and for dinner….. PASTA, salad garlic bread and wine. I know what you are thinking, but this is a necessary step to confuse your system and get burning those calories again.  

Day 2: Eat only 800 calories of protein and 1 fruit and 1 vegetable. This is pretty self explanatory and not nearly as much fun as day 1.  

Day 3: If 1000 calories is your usual, eat 1500, so 1 1/2 times what you normally eat. This should include everything meaning good carbohydrates, good protein and good fat. Be sure to eat every two hours (this is very, very, very important) and be sure to have those snacks, an easy way to up your calories a bit. 

On day 4 you will go back to your usual and you should start getting rid of those inches. This is also very important when you are in maintenance as well because you will not put on any pounds when your metabolism is revved up!!! 

The two time a week carb page is a great way to do this weekly, that means that two days a week you are going to add in something from that list and enjoy yourself this is not meant to be torture, it is meant to be a lifestyle. Realize that as life goes on there are focused times when it comes to dieting and there are not so focused times…. when you are focused really maximize by doing the five days of protein (be strict) and then a few weeks of really focused eating and then have fun for a week or so otherwise the chances of you sticking with this is… well nil!!!  

Be sure to stay on the supplements, those will ALWAYS help you!!!! And I have been saving this one, but I will give it to you now because I am feeling so generous…. want something sweet? The berries are exceptional right now (at least in Florida) and guess what you can have on them…. Redi Whip real whipped topping!!! Yes this has only 15 calories per tablespoon and if you eat say 4 tablespoons you will be getting 60 calories and only 2 grams of carb and 2 grams of sugar!!! Your welcome! Now this does not mean stand in front of the refrigerator and squirt whipped topping into your mouth……


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